PMF16 Laureates

2016 Laureates


Each laureate was invited to fulfill a pre-selection file which permits to complete and broaden the information’s that the Chair already had. The final selection was made thanks to these pre-selection files :

  • Laureate in the category « Innovation marketing / Offer qualification / Relations personalization »:

« Innova.To » program of Torino City (Italy)

  • Laureate in the category « Collaborative marketing / Social innovation / Sharing city / Cities of tomorrow »:

« Seoul Sharing City », South Korea

  • Laureate in the category « Digital Marketing / Knowledge Economy / Residential attractiveness »:

St Joseph University, Connecticut, United-States of America

  • Laureate in the category « Endogenous marketing / Local actors’ facilitation / Citizen marketing / Place Making »:

« Detroit Homecoming » program of Detroit City, Michigan, United-States of America

  • Laureate in the category « Attractiveness global strategy / Talents attractiveness / Private-public strategy / Forein investments reception / Positioning evolvement »:

Barcelona metropolis, Spain

  • Laureate in the category « New marketing / Personalized marketing / Experiential marketing »:

The Picardie Regional Tourist Comittee and the brand « Esprit de Picardie », France

  • Laureate in the category « Excellence Marketing / Studies and benchmarking / Public actors – firms relations »:

« 123 Subsidie » program of 3 north provinces, Netherlands

  • Laureate in the category « Place Branding/ Positioning / Brand strategy / Sector-specific branding » :

MuseumsQuartier of Vienna City, Austria




  • Fabrizio BARBIERO (Italia)

fabrizio barbieroDegree in law and master in general management, Fabrizio is, since 2005, Public manager at the EU Funds and Economic Development, Smart Cities Department of Municipality of Turin.His main activities are: Designer and Manager of social innovation policy “Torino social Innovation”, program to develop social innovation local ecosystem; Designer of Torino Center of Open Innovation; Co-designer of “INNOVA.TO: a smart competition for public employees to trigger new innovative ideas; Designer and Manager of services for SMEs, he designed the project “FaciliTO” (winner of European enterprise promotion award 2012). He was also Manager of different European projects (URBACT; CIP; INTERREG, H2020…) on social innovations, clean tech, and public procurement of innovation themes.


  • Juan Carlos BELLOSO (Spain)

Juan Carlos BELLOSOJuan Carlos is a renowned international expert with more than 20 years of relevant experience in the image, development and promotion of places and destinations, based in Barcelona. He has provided strategic consulting services to many cities, regions and countries around the world in the area of place strategy, branding and promotion, from design to implementation. Juan Carlos is founding member and member of the board of ‘Barcelona Global’, a private, independent and not-for-profit civil society platform made up of business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs committed to Barcelona and its future; founding member and general manager of the International Place Branding Association; expert member of Best Place – European Place Branding and Marketing Institute; member of the Advisory Board of CityNationPlace; member of the ‘Observatorio de Marca e Imagen País’ based in Bogotá among other organizations.

  • Michele FATIBENE (Italia)

michele fatibeneBA in Political Science, he worked at the Europe Direct Centre of the Province of Torino, for the realization of youth policies and urban regeneration for the Municipality of Torino. From 2011, He is involved in Torino Smart City project, at the Department of Policies for Innovation and Development, Environment – City of Torino. He is also co-creator of Innova.TO, a call for promoting social innovation inside the Local Public Administration.

  • Jean-Philippe GOLD (France)

jpgoldJean Philippe Gold is Director of the Regional Tourist Board of Picardie, host of a new editorial approach and governance around the brand “Esprit de Picardie” and author of a thesis on new strategies for tourism development, governance and value creation in tourism. He got an experience economy certification in USA, a MBA degree in strategy and Sciences and Technics of Tourism Master’s degree. The Regional Tourist Board of Picardie is cofounder of the Regional Attractiveness and Place Marketing Chair.

  • Keith KNOWLES (United-States)

keith knowlesKeith Knowles graduated from the University of Connecticut with a B.S. in Management Information Systems. His 20-year digital career has included time spent at a Fortune 500 company, as the interactive director for a mid-sized American marketing agency, in higher education and also as an entrepreneur.  Keith spent the middle part of his career overseeing the design and development of numerous award-winning websites. He has worked with clients from a wide range of industries including United Technologies, Aetna, ING, Reader’s Digest, The United Way, University of Hartford, and the University of Saint Joseph. His areas of expertise include digital marketing, inbound marketing, social media, and content marketing

  • Seon Ae KWON (South Korea)

KwonSeon Ae Kwon is working at ‘Sharing City Team’, in the Social Innovation Division, Seoul Innovation Bureau of Seoul Metropolitain Government (SMG). Its goal is to create networks, promote ‘Sharing City Seoul’ worldwide and manage projects for ‘ Global Fair of Sharing Seoul’. With 13 years of experience as a senior officer at SMG, she worked at diverse divisions such as Human Resources, Budget, and international Relations and so on. Also, she did researches and projects between UK and SMG related to social innovations for the well-being society at the Young Foundation and Social Life in London.

  • Irene PREIßLER (Austria)

irene preisslerIrene Preißler has been Manager of press / PR and positioning for the MuseumsQuarter since 2008. Her goal is to highlight the attractiveness of this cultural complex in the media, as well as overseeing all communication strategies for advertising the extensive program and numerous events that take place at the MuseumsQuartier Wien. With a master’s degree in German literature, she began her career in public relations at various international concerns

  • Colleen ROBAR (United-States)

colleenColleen is currently President of Robar PR, a company based in Michigan and specializes in public relations. Very attached to his hometown, Detroit, she specializes in projects that combine both global thinking and love for Detroit. The project which summarizes the more it is “Detroit Homecoming”: Colleen produced it in 2014 and 2015 for Crain’s Detroit Business which brought together more than hundreds of Detroit “expats” to reconnect and reinvest with their hometown. She recently completed a full-time assignment for General Motors International Operations in Singapore, helping with special projects such as communications audits, news bureaus and corporate communications.

  • Park SUN (South Korea)

Park SUNPark Sun studied Communication and also actively participated in various projects to solve social problems. She is currently managing the ShareHub project in Creative Commons Korea. She has a particular interest in problem-solving possibility of sharing and how to use the unused city resources usefully.

  • David ZOMER (Netherlands)

david zomerDavid Zomer holds a diploma in Marketing and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He is currently project manager of the “1 2 3 Subsidie” program, led by three north provinces in Netherlands. Interested by innovation, he worked before at University of Groningen.