PMF16 Program


Place Marketing Forum 2016 is an international conference, organized each year  by the Regional Attractiveness and Place Marketing Chaire of the Public Management Institut (Aix-Marseille University). The aim of this major conference is to present, share and reward the best worldwide practices in the field of place marketing.

30 French and international place marketing experts and professionals will take part in the 2016 Forum, which will gather more than 400 professionals from local authorities, development agencies and companies with an interest in regional development and territorial marketing issues. The forum will last two days and will take place at the Congress Centre of Aix-en-Provence.


Place Marketing Forum 2016 – Program Chaire Attractivité et Nouveau Marketing Territorial

  • PMF 2016 – March, 09th and 10th, at the Congress Center of Aix-en-Provence. Il will be followed on March 11th by a Master Class, in the Public Management Institute.
  • International Work Convention focused on attractiveness new strategies and Place Marketing best practices worldwide.
  • Participation of 40 leaders and experts, french and internationals.
  • More than 400 professionals from public and private fields, all affected by attractiveness and place marketing issues. 
  • Bilingual : franch-english simultaneous translation

    Place Marketing Awards 2016 »

    Participation of guests of honour

    Gala Dinner (03.09.2016)

    Free access to the Master Class (03.11.2016)

Simplified Program


1) Presentation of new trends, best practices and stakes of place marketing worldwide. The Place Marketing Trend 2016 report will be presented and given to each participant.

2) Presentation and analysis of the success conditions of outstanding international place marketing cases, by those who set up and managed them.

3) Discussions and exchanges between international professionals, researchers, experts and thought leaders on key topics that illustrate new strategies, models, issues and practices of place marketing.

4) Rewarding of Place Marketing Awards 2016. Participation of 3 major figures of place marketing. Official diner the 09.03 and Master Class the 11.03.