PMF17 Laureates

For its fourth edition, the Place Marketing Forum will reward 8 international best practices of place marketing, for different themes – the Place Marketing Awards

Laureates by thematics :


  • How to associate firms to attractiveness approaches and actions ? : Cork for its project Cork Innovates (Ireland)
  • Branding : for Mississauga city and its brand “Focus on the Future” (Canada)

  • Global Attractiveness strategyAward of Honor : for the attractiveness agency London and Partners (England)

  • Tourism marketing and Brandflag : for Autour du Louvre-Lens mission and its destination contract (France)

  • Companies acting on their territories’ attractiveness: for the partnership between Southwest Airlines & Project For Public Spaces association (United States)

  • Social innovation and territories’ resilience : for Medellin city (Colombia)

  • New governance models : for Oslo city and region for its “Oslo Brand Alliance” (Norway)

  • Global strategic plan for attractiveness : for Toronto’s city planning (Canada)

Pre-selection list finally revealed ! Stay connected !



  • Autour du Louvre-Lens (ALL) – Marketing of Tourism and Brandflag
  • Cork – Mobilization companies in the territorial attractiveness strategy
  • Southwest Airlines & Project For Public Spaces Rise in power and involvement of companies in Place Making projects and territorial attractiveness
  • Hambourg Marketing – New modes of governance
  • Jun – Marketing digital and improving public services
  • Liverpool – Branding
  • Mississauga – Branding
  • Brno Attraction and retention of talent on the territory
  • Toronto Global attractiveness strategy and vision plan
  • Share NL Major challenges of the new collaborative models for a territory
  • Medellin Innovation => Social Innovation / Resilient Territories
  • Abu Dhabi Cultural Marketing and Large Facilities
  • Art Basel / Wynwood Art, urban renewal and major events
  • Indianapolis Major events serving the attractiveness of a territory and creating ecosystems
  • London and Partners – Global attractiveness Strategy
  • Manchester – Mobilization of the forces of the territory, strategy of ambassadors
  • Oslo – New models of governance
  • Stockholm New models of governance
  • Welcome City Lab – Marketing of Tourism
  • San Francisco – Innovation in the service of the territory
  • Islande – National Branding & Tourism Marketing

This year, the Place Marketing Forum will reward 8 international cases of territorial marketing in various fields – the Place Marketing Awards :

  • Branding strategy / territorial brand
  • Innovation / Start-up
  • Welcoming and retaining talents
  • Global and integrated attractiveness strategy / Ecosystem
  • Marketing of Tourism
  • Residential attractiveness – Economic Development
  • Shared governance
  • Ramping up of firms in attractiveness strategies
  • Culture, sports and events marketing, Marketing and great equipments 
  • Shared Marketing, platforms, Sharing & Smart Cities
  • Urban renewal, territorial resiliency

For this fourth edition, the Place Marketing Forum focuses on interactivity, exchanges and meetings: more time spent on round tables and debates, more room for questions/answers with participants, time dedicated to networking!