The major place marketing event since 2013

a mobile event

After three editions organized in Aix-en-Provence, the A&NMT Chair has decided to bring the event closer to its founders, by proposing a new place each year.

  • 5 editions
  • 1800 attendees
  • 3 places







Conferences format

Each conference is conducted in the same way:

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of the remarkable case
  • Round table and debates
  • Presentation of the Place Marketing Award 

The #PMF is simultaneously translated into French/English and English/French.

  • 150 speakers
  • 48 conferences


In order to improve the event, 2 sessions of 3 workshops will be offered to participants during #PMF19 in new formats. They will be led by experts to explore the place marketing and attractiveness themes .


More information coming soon.


International remarkable cases

Each edition of the Place Marketing Forum rewards outstanding international cases in place marketing and attractiveness. Since 2013, 42 laureates have had the honour of receiving a Place Marketing Award. 

The Places Marketing Awards recognize the most emblematic achievements of place marketing worlwide. Outstanding experiences are selected by a jury on the basis of 3 criteria of excellence: innovation, impressive results and emblematic achievement.

5 categories of Place Marketing Awards are created for the #PMF19: economic development, tourism, territories with specificity, major projects and branding. 

  • 42 laureates

New place marketing and attractiveness chair

The New Place Marketing and Attractiveness Chair is the first “Territorial Chair” dedicated to the attractiveness and new practices of place marketing in the world, from the most efficient to the most innovative. It is hosted by the Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance (Aix-Marseille University).

 Created by Mr Joël GAYET in 2013, it is now managed by Mr Christophe ALAUX. 



SCOPE AND RESEARCH: On the best practices of attractiveness and place marketing, with benchmark articles and summaries made available on a web platform.

EXPERTISE:  Place marketing research to enrich the benchmark: university publications, specific research programs on themes proposed by the founders and partners.

TRAINING: Non-leading to a qualification, on demand and leading to qualification formations are offered to professionals every year, from January to December, for 3 days a month with the participation of experts on place marketing themes.

MEETINGS: Organization of several meetings on place marketing, including the Place Marketing Forum. But also, participation in scientific conferences and symposiums.


One of the particularities of the A&NMT Chair is based on its ecosystem of local authorities and companies, comprising 22 founders since its creation in 2013 and 14 partners who have joined the network over the years. It also has 3 network-research partners.