The Place Marketing Awards recognize the most emblematic achievements of place marketing worlwide


 The international benchmarking, conducted by the A&NMT Chair, made possible to identify and pre-select 37 projects divided into 5 categories Then, the jury designated the laureates, who will be put in the spotlight and will receive a Place Marketing Award, on the stage of the #PMF19. Outstanding experiences are selected on the basis of 3 criteria of excellence:


Or idea bringing a major improvement in one or more areas


with unquestionable qualitative and quantitative results


practice or realization that is emblematic of current trends and new practices in place marketing


LAUREATE : Dublin One - Dublin Town / Ireland

Once a very dynamic shopping district, Dublin One has seen a decline in its traffic and activity, due to the combined effects of competition from peripheral shopping areas, a bad reputation linked to drug trafficking and the development of online commerce. The Dublin Town association has succeeded in stopping the decline and reducing the commercial vacancy in the city centre by carrying out strategic thinking and concerted actions with public and private actors. The programme has made a real change in the image of the district and has encouraged major investments.

Biketown, Portland City and Nike United States
Brand Botswana – Botswana
Cymru Wales Brand – Wales 
Gaziantep City Branding – Turkey


LAUREATE : Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association / Canada

The Thompson Okanagan region of British Columbia (Canada) welcomes more than 3.5 million visitors each year, but this attendance is mostly in the summer. The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA), which brings together tourism companies, began working with public stakeholders and Aboriginal communities in 2012 to co-construct a sustainable regional tourism strategy. Called “Embracing our potential”, it has made it possible to strengthen the attractiveness of the territory and spread the seasonality of activities, while strengthening territorial cohesion, preserving the environment and enhancing local culture.

Amsterdam Marketing, City of Amsterdam Netherlands
America’s Musical Journey, Brand USA United States
Comptoir des Loisirs d’Evreux – France
Culture Captcha Kenya Tourism Board – Kenya 
Made In Pic Saint Loup Association – France
Bisca Grands lacs Tourist Office – France
Route of industrial culture, Ruhr Region Germany
Biot Glass Factory – France
Visit Victoria – Australia
Wonderful Copenhagen – Denmark


LAUREATE : Arvieu 2020 - Village of Arvieu / France

A rural mountain village, Arvieu (Aveyron) has 800 inhabitants. SCOP Laëtis and the local authorities (Commune d’Arvieu, Communauté de Communes Lévézou Pareloup) have invested in a Digital Activity Zone and a third location, the Jardin d’Arvieu, in order to stimulate economic development and attract new employees. At the same time, citizens, entrepreneurs and elected officials discussed together how to animate the village through community life, services and stores. Facing the demographic challenges, the village has co-constructed a 2020 action plan to attract new inhabitants and new activities by focusing on participatory democracy, quality of life and the development of the digital and collaborative economies. New inhabitants have been seduced by the approach and have settled in Arvieu since 2015 (a rise of +4.4% of the population).

Citta Slow Label – Italy
Sim a Igualdade Racial, BIR Brazil
Kamikatsu Village – Japan
Association le 6B – France
Treasure Hill, Taipei Taiwan


LAUREATE : Zhongxian e-sport stadium / China

The first stadium in the world entirely dedicated to electronic sports competitions was opened this year in the People’s Republic of China. It will host the next five editions of the largest national e-sport competition, the China Mobile Electronic Games, as well as other cultural or sporting events. This major project includes a whole complex, with a 5* hotel, a training and R&D centre, an incubator for start-ups, etc. It aims to stimulate the tourist attractiveness of a small provincial town and to develop an entire economic ecosystem around cultural industries and e-Sports. Designed by Hong Kong architect Barrie HO, on the banks of the Yangtze River, Zhongxian e-Sport Stadium is a true flagship for Chongqing Province and one of the emblems of modern China.

 Array of Things, City of Chicago United States
Hong Kong Airport Authority – China
Lorraine Fab Lab Living Lab, University of Lorraine France
Interreg MADRE project – Europe
STEAM School, Maker Asylum Mumbai India
SXSW conference & festival, Austin United States
Via Verde, Mexico City Mexico


LAUREATE : Y-PORT - Yokohama city / Japan

By capitalizing on the technologies, know-how and expertise developed as Smart City, Yokohama launched in 2011 an international technical cooperation project, the Yokohama Partnership of Resources and Technologies (Y-PORT). Y-PORT aims to provide opportunities for Japanese companies in emerging Asian countries, to support residential attractiveness and to strengthen the city’s international reputation. Four Southeast Asian metropolitan areas (Bangkok, Batam, Cebu and Da Nang) have signed public-private partnership agreements with Y-PORT to better manage their waste, preserve their water resources or solve their congestion problems. Yokohama has become the leader of the Asia Smart City Alliance and organizes an international conference every year, bringing together experts, practitioners and international organizations (Asian Development Bank, World Bank, etc.).

Copenhagen Capacity – Denmark
NRW.INVEST GmbH – Germany
Interreg PROMETEA Project – Europe
Promote Iceland – Ireland
Speed Factory, Adidas and Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy Germany
Switzerland Business Navigator, Switzerland Global Enterprise Switzerland