Through its daily international benchmarking mission, the A&NMT Chair identifies inspiring approaches that respond to the challenges and problems facing the territories. Classified into 5 categories (branding, economic development, territories with specificity, tourism and major projects), the supporting structures of these projects are invited to complete the application file. 


The applications file received are examined, during a selection committee, by a jury composed of experts and the team of the A&NMT Chair. For each category, the project that best meets the criteria of excellence: innovation, remarkable results and emblematic projets is selected as the laureate.


After the thematic conference, each laureate will receive a Marketing Place Award. This distinction will be awarded by a founder-partner territory of the A&NMT Chair. 

place marketing awards


Think sustainably | Helsinki – Finland

Think Sustainably is an easy-to-use digital service that helps both locals and visitors to choose more sustainable ways of living and enjoying Helsinki. Shops and services are self-assessed according to pre-established criteria and customers can give feedback on their experience. The city aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.


Tasmanian | Tasmania

Tasmania has historically suffered from its image as «Australia poorest state». Based on an in-depth identity study (more than 400 interviews), Brand Tasmania has transformed the «difference» of its residents into strength. Ambassadors of a brand that emphasizes what makes Tasmania unique («the quiet pursuit of the extraordinary»), they can build and promote their own «Tasmanian story» via the «Tasmanian» platform.


Place aux jeunes en région | Québec – Canada

Initiated by a group of entrepreneurs and local authorities, «Place aux jeunes en région» provides personalised follow-up to encourage the attraction, integration and retention of young people aged 18 to 35 in rural Quebec. More than 6,000 young people are monitored each year, 1,000 of whom have a concrete plan to settle down.


In the United Kingdom, a citizens’ collective led by the Bioregional Learning Center has taken the methods and tools of the Donut economy in order to adapt them to the Devon region. Based on collective intelligence, this approach starts from the essential needs of the population while taking into account the limits of the planet. The aim is to work together to find solutions to coconstruct a socially and environmentally resilient economy on a regional scale.


Think Traena | Norway

Located near the Arctic Circle, a small Norwegian island has launched a collaborative strategic plan to reduce its vulnerabilities. «Tenk Traena» has made it possible to support local development, diversify the economy and initiate innovative projects. A real laboratory for experimentation, Traena has overcome these challenges with a very limited budget.

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