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Off to #PMF24! Our website is currently being updated for the new edition of the Place Marketing Forum. However, you will still be able to browse the various sections of the site and rediscover the highlights of previous editions.

PMF22 Edition

Discover the 10th anniversary PMF edition of the A&NMT Chair

PMF23 Program

Overview of the programme of The Place Marketing Forum 2023

Press & Media

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250 to 300 participants

Each year, the Place Maketing Forum brings together around 250 to 300 professionals!


Elected representatives, directors, managers within structures concerned with territorial marketing and attractiveness (local authorities, public agencies, private companies, associations, tourist offices, CRT, etc.)


Since 2013, the PMF has been visiting the territories of the founders and partners of the Chair. Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Strasbourg, Lille, Aix-Marseille Provence, Grenoble, no less than 6 territories have been honoured during the last PMF editions!


In order to enhance the PMF experience and make the event even more accessible to participants from all over the world, you will be able to choose to come physically or virtually through the conference broadcast.

coming from the whole wolrd

Representatives of territories, organisations and participants come from all over the world to attend this unique meeting!



A place to keep on questioning and nurturing reflections on the challenges faced by territories


Inspiring, innovative, emblematic initiatives that can be replicated in other territories


Encouraging professional exchanges to bring about new collaborations


Reduce the environmental footprint of the the event and to aspire to greater equity


The main subject of this PMF 2023 edition will be the notions of impact (whether environmental, economic or social) and the evaluation of attractiveness initiatives. Several managers and elected officials from French and international territories will be invited to share their best practices. These topics will be discussed at conferences and round tables, focusing on : inclusive economic development strategies, attracting sustainable investment, tourism and events in the MICE (business tourism) sector.

Three think tanks organised in collaboration with the founding territories and partners of the Chair will complete the program, with a strong focus on health and well-being, governance and partnerships of attractiveness approaches, as well as the challenges and perspectives of cooperation between territories of metropolitan areas. Various experts, from the professional and research worlds, will share their expertise on these major issues.





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In the heart of the South-West of France, Toulouse is an urban area that boasts multiple attributes that seduce entrepreneurs and travellers alike. It combines a strong economic outlook, stunningly beautiful heritage, a rich culture, high-quality gastronomy… Knowledgeable and also vibrant, this is all thanks to a sun-kissed climate and a local temperament that is always inclined to celebrate and create joy. To ensure you don’t miss a thing, dare to explore the city we like to call the Ville Rose.

Ce qui vous attend ? L’aventure ! Celle de l’aviation, de l’Espace et des sciences, mais aussi la vôtre, avec d’inévitables coups de coeur. De l’École de Clément Ader à l’A380 et l’A350, Toulouse sait faire preuve d’audace et mérite le titre de capitale mondiale de l’aéronautique. Les visiteurs ont quant à eux l’occasion d’éveiller leur curiosité. L’Univers est exposé à la Cité de l’espace, les exploits des avions de légende sont à découvrir sur les chaînes d’assemblage d’Airbus, au musée Aeroscopia ou sur le nouveau site La Piste des géants. Enfin, les possibilités infinies de s’amuser avec les sciences sont au Muséum et au Quai des Savoirs.

Toulouse is the capital of the Occitanie region and its geographical location lends itself perfectly to escaping the urban environment in order to discover numerous exceptional sites, listed as « Grands Sites Occitanie » or « Most Beautiful Villages in France ». Montpellier, Albi, Carcassonne, but also the Pyrenees… the treasures of history and architecture, as well as the breathtaking natural scenery, are all yours.


As the second largest region in France, l’Occitanie lives to the rhythm of its territories and its two hubs: the metropolises of Toulouse and Montpellier. L’Occitanie hosts some of the well-known companies in the French economy, notably in the aeronautics and space sectors, but also in agriculture and viticulture. In September 2022, the European Union awarded the region the prize for the best organic region in Europe! Whether established or emerging, other strategic sectors are developing in Occitanie: health, digital, intelligent and sustainable mobility, green hydrogen, floating wind power or sustainable housing… Undeniably, as the leading French region for its level of R&D and for its rate of business creation, l’Occitanie has made innovation its trademark.

Whether established or emerging, other strategic sectors are developing in Occitanie: health, digital, intelligent and sustainable mobility, green hydrogen, floating wind power or sustainable housing… Undeniably, as the leading French region for its level of R&D and for its rate of business creation, l’Occitanie has made innovation its trademark.

Praised by students for the performance of its network of university campuses, the region is also well appreciated for the excellence of its research establishments. With its exceptional natural environment, tourism is a major economic sector, under the banner of Occitality*. A land of diversity, hospitality and exchange, l’Occitanie is also a region open to the world, attached to the art of “living together”, to equality between peoples and cultures. All these reasons explain the strong growth of its population: 50,000 new inhabitants join l’Occitanie every year.

Welcome in Occitanie !



The New Place Marketing and Attractiveness Chair is the first “Territorial Chair” dedicated to the attractiveness and new practices of place marketing in the world, from the most efficient to the most innovative. It is hosted by the Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance (Aix-Marseille University).

Our missions :


On the best practices of attractiveness and place marketing, with benchmark and research articles and summaries made available on a web platform for our founders and partners.


Organisation of several meetings on place marketing: Think tanks, club of elected representatives, Place Marketing Forum and participation in conferences and scientific symposiums in France and abroad.


Several training courses are offered to professionals and elected officials each year, with the intervention of experts on the central themes of territorial marketing (Master 2 A&NMT in initial and ongoing courses, sandwich courses, à la carte seminars and training for local elected officials approved by the CNFEL).


One of the specificities of the A&NMT Chair is based on its ecosystem, made up of 36 local authorities and public organisations, including founders supporting us since the creation of the Chair, and partners who have joined our network over the years.