credit : La Cité de l’Espace

The Cité de l’Espace was created 25 years ago to contribute to the attractiveness of Toulouse and the Occitanie region as a tourist destination, by drawing on the richness of the region’s space industry. We invite you to come and experience a 2-hour journey to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, to discover the extraordinary life of astronauts, to admire space treasures and to set out to conquer Mars!

This is an opportunity to understand why this site, a European leader in the spreading of space culture, has also become an essential venue for seminars, festivals, film screenings, gala evenings and meetings with scientists and explorers.

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The available places are reserved only for those who have registered for the event. To register, you will need to send an email confirming your attendance to the following addresses:


9AM to 9:45AM |
Welcoming participants at the Pierre Baudis Convention Center in Toulouse

credit : Convention Center Pierre Baudis

Reception of participants at the Pierre Baudis Convention Center with breakfast included for onsite participants. Online participants will be welcomed on the streaming platform a few minutes before the official opening of the Place Marketing Forum 2023.

Streaming links of the conferences and think tanks will be sent to all participants a few days before the event.


Official opening of the 10th anniversary of the New Place Marketing & Attractiveness Chair PMF edition

Opening of the edition by Christophe ALAUX, director of the Chair for Attractiveness and New Territorial Marketing, with a brief presentation of the Chair’s missions and achievements. Presentation of the host territory Toulouse – Région Occitanie.

10AM - 11AM | Opening conference

This plenary conference led by the Chair will bring together elected officials. They will discuss their vision and the issues related to the impact of attractiveness initiatives on their territories. Thus, the theme of societal transitions, endogenous development (quality of life of inhabitants, mobility, health, safety, etc.) and exogenous development (management of tourist flows, investors, territorial employer brand) will be addressed. This opening plenary will bring together several elected officials from the territories of the Occitanie region, who are already very involved in their territorial attractiveness initiatives.

Christophe ALAUX

Director of the A&NMT Chair - IMPGT

Carole DELGA

President of the Occitanie Region

Arnaud VIALA

President of the Aveyron Departmental Council


Mayor of Toulouse and President of Toulouse Métropole


President of the Lot Departmental Council

11AM to 12:30 | Conference & Round Table
Economic development - Attract invest from the perspective of the impacts and evaluation of attractiveness initiatives

In the current context of multiple crises and a significant increase in job vacancies (+69% between the 4th quarter of 2019 and the 2nd quarter of 2022 according to INSEE data), the impact of attracting investments and companies to territories is at the core of the reflections of agencies and territorial authorities. The aim is to prevent spatial imbalances and the social, environmental and economic consequences of location projects. An international panel of experts will present the strategies, methods and tools that enable them to assess the impact of these projects on their territory. A round table of international experts will then discuss the innovative and effective nature of these new impact measurement methods.


Junior economic intelligence officer - risingSUD


CEO - Copenhagen Capacity


Director, Division of Neighborhood Equity & Stabilization, Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO) City and County of Denver

Bertrand FOUCHER

Director - ADERLY/ Invest in Lyon - Economic development agency for the Lyon region

Christian BERNARD

Vice-President - Montreal International

Charlotte DRAULT

Director of Operations – Laou

2PM - 3:30PM | Conference & Round Table
tourism from the perspective of the impact and evaluation of attractiveness initiatives

The positive effects of tourism on the development of territories have long been proven. On the other hand, the “negative externalities” (congestion, land or environmental pressure) as well as the social impacts (acceptability, inclusion of inhabitants and vitality) are more difficult to define. Far from the debates on the “end of tourism”, the idea is to present the new practices of tourism stakeholders, in light of these major concerns about societal impacts. Several innovative and/or successful territories will present their impact assessment approaches in their “net zero” strategies, and will share their experiences on the mitigating or coping measures they have implemented.


Co-founder - Agitateurs de Destinations Numériques

Vincent NIJS

Chief strategist – Visit Flanders

Jaume MATA

Head of sustainable strategy - Visit Valencia


Director - Regional Committee for Tourism and Leisure of the Occitanie Region


CEO Visit Inverness Loch Ness | NED Scottish Tourism Alliance | VC High Life Highland


Co-founder and president of the endowment fund - Essentiem

4PM - 5:30PM | Conference & Round Table
MICE (attracting professional events) topics from the perspective of the impacts and evaluation of attractiveness initiatives

Attracting general public events and specific audiences in connection with the MICE are objectives associated with the territory’s projects, to increase their residential economy. Beyond the effects on the latter, their impacts are also wider because they are sources of negative externalities for certain internal stakeholders within the territory, and even beyond. What measures and initiatives have been developed by territories, alongside with MICE players, to assess their impacts, to change their practices and also to optimise the legacy of events? Professionals will present their innovative approaches and discuss methods and tools to improve the impact of the events sector on these societal transitions.

Béatrice EASTHAM

Founder & CEO – Green Événements

Geneviève LECLERC

Director – MEET4IMPACT

Clémence LONG

Deputy Director Toulouse Attractiveness Agency - Convention Bureau

7:30PM - 11PM | Networking evening -Toulouse MUSEUM

credit :  Museum of Toulouse

A unique evening that highlights the host territory and encourages exchanges between experts, professionals and those who are passionate about place marketing and attractiveness. This high point of the event offers participants a friendly and informal environment to co-construct and generate new ideas and new international partnerships.

The “public vote” prize and the “young talent” prize will be awarded to the cases represented during the conferences on the first day.  

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8:30AM - 9AM |
Welcoming participants at the Pierre Baudis Convention Center - Breakfast

Reception of participants at the Pierre Baudis Convention Center with breakfast included for onsite participants. Online participants will be welcomed on the streaming platform a few minutes before the official opening of the Place Marketing Forum 2023.

Streaming links of the conferences and think tanks will be sent to all participants a few days before the event.


9AM - 10AM | Think Tank
Health as a driver of territorial attractiveness

The recent World Happiness Report 2022, conducted by the United Nations, ranks more than 150 countries based on their level of happiness. This concern is now reflected in several emerging disciplines such as the economics of well-being or the geography of well-being. How can we assess the health and well-being assets of a territory beyond indicators, mainly oriented towards the material component of quality of life? What place should be given to health as a factor of territorial attractiveness? Experts, researchers and practitioners will share the results of scientific studies and examples of inspiring practices in a multidisciplinary perspective.


PhD in Management Sciences, Senior Lecturer - A&NMT Chair - IMPGT


Vice-President in charge of Sport – Aix-Marseille University


Vice-President of Moselle Attractivité in charge of place marketing

10AM - 11AM | Think Tank
Governance and Partnerships of attractiveness initiatives

The principle of a collective, cross-cutting attractiveness project emerges from the territorial marketing manifesto. Regardless of the modes of governance and partnerships adopted by the territories (governance in project mode, creation of a branding organisation, holding structures or merged structures), the objective of transversality remains. After having discussed the participation of inhabitants and innovative partnerships during the last two Think Tanks, the idea here is to share French and international experiences in order to illustrate the strategies and operational tools implemented to promote this transversality between the various sectors of attractiveness.

Christophe ALAUX

Director of the A&NMT Chair - IMPGT


Head of strategy – Hambourg Marketing GmbH

Patrice VASSAL

Director – Toulouse Métropole Attractiveness Agency

Domitien DETRIE

Director – Agence des Pyrénées

11AM - 12:00 | Think Tank
Challenges and perspectives of metropolitan areas

Metropolitan areas have been pioneers in the implementation of territorial marketing approaches (Amsterdam, Berlin, Lyon, etc.). They are constantly developing their practices around the fundamentals of territorial marketing: new indicators, new rankings and tools for comparing metropolises on a national – international scale, and finally with collaborative practices between large international metropolises. Various speakers from the professional and research community will share their expertise on these major issues.

Christophe ALAUX

Director of the A&NMT Chair - IMPGT

Nathalie PRUVOST

Head of the Attractiveness and International Action Department - Métropole Européenne de Lille

Emmanuelle SYSOYEV

Strategic Development Manager – ONLY LYON/ ADERLY


Director, Communications & Public Relations - Helsinki Partners


President of Sfax International - Place Marketing Agency

12:00 - 12:30 | ‘’Looking beyond’’– Closing of the PMF23 edition

The experts mobilised in this closing conference will be either journalistic experts or managers/technicians of associations of elected representatives.


Strategy consultant in territorial and national anchoring - STAN


Territorial Economy Director - France Urbaine


Deputy Director - Head of Economic Development and Attractiveness - Intercommunalités de France

Paul-Vincent MARCHAND

Director - Attitude Manche

Michael DODDS

Director - Normandie Attractivité & Comité régional du tourisme de Normandie