The 8th Place Marketing Forum Edition

September 16th & 17th 2021 - Parc Chanot in Marseille

* The Place Marketing Forum website is being updated for the new 2021 edition. Nevertheless you will still be able to access the pages of the previous edition. For any information request, you can contact us by clicking on the “Contacts” tab.

place marketing forum 20

The great event of place marketing [AT HOME!]

June 22th-26th, 2020 - 15 open-access webinars


Because of the current context and with no visibility on the measures that will be taken in the medium term, the organizing team has decided to transform the 7th edition of the Place Marketing Forum into a virtual and live event (only in French) !

Each day, one of the five main themes of the PMF (economic development, tourism, major projects, specific territories, branding) will be addressed with 3 daily webinars.

webinars [opinion]

10H00 – 10H45

Interview with a leading personality who will share his vision on the theme. 

webinars [inspirations]

14H00 – 15H00

Experts in place marketing and attractiveness will discuss the management of the current crisis linked to COVID-19 in the territories and its consequences for the future.

webinars [practices]

11H00 – 12H00

Around the case awarded a Place Marketing Award, a panel of experts will highlight the main criteria of innovation and performance, while considering the transferability of the project.